TFO-Management & Design is an internationally active company with more than 20 years expertise in a list of innovative technologies.


We are known as trusted advisor and project management company mainly focused on:

Company Operations and Concepts

Reorganisation & Change management and delivery of the strategy leads to the improvement of the company productivity and cost reduction.

Federal Tenders

We offer our experience to develop tender documentation and we are supporting government Tender Commissions to make the decision – because they just can not have the opportunities to get so deep understanding and knowledge as our specialists.

Different Technologies

High-Tech, security, biometrics, innovative automation solutions including building automation and other solutions. Our team consists of the specialists coming together from leading market players active in different industries.





Mr. Habischer Michael always understands the implications of different technical choices and is guiding our clients to the best solution. He is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operational and tactical aspects of multiple large scale projects. Also he ensures engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures during federal high value project implementation. Mr.Habischer is experienced and handles difficult situations directly in order to keep promissed timelines.

Mr.Habischer has received Electronics-Engineering education and previously he was on the position of CEO of a company active in telecomunications market, but later he moved into ID, Biometrics and Security area. He has creative and innovative thinking – very useful for large scale projects. Besides – he manages the development of project managers involved into different projects abroad and in Germany. Actually he is one of the key participants in our management and client meetings.