Dr. Eisenblätter Andreas possesses the insight to assess the intangible yet complex forces that can make the difference between success and failure of the whole organization. During the last twenty years with a strong background in technical sciences, he was responsible for a great number of international projects.


Dr. Eisenblätter built his extensive knowledge base and excellent reputation through leading System Integration processes of ID / Biometrics projects – including Test Management, Customer Training Management and Production introduction – in a great number of countries like Switzerland, Nigeria, Germany and other countries. He has got extensive experience in Data Warehouse Design Solutions, Planning and designing of Communications links. Dr. Eisenblätter is the expert in the area of Supply Chain Financing, Risk management, Demand management. He is professional, creative, driven and energetic and experienced in problem analysis and problem resolution at both – strategic and functional level.


Besides the above mentioned expertise, Dr. Eisenblätter has managed a great number of ID, Biometrics, Toll-Road and Public Security high value projects.


Dr. Eisenblätter has got superior – multiple government project management and time management skills. After the finalizing of Security Improvement project in Munich Airport , Dr. Eisenblätter has received the “Excellence Award” for the excellent Project management.