Our reputation is based on:

Deep knowledge of different technologies
Experience in business administration issues
Taking care about the customer


We have an efficient project team with very experienced and qualified consultants and project managers. Their knowledge and experience provides our customers with a quick and efficient implementation of the best possible solution.

Our professionals have developed new skills and competences, working on complex applications, listening to customers and owners of projects – in order to deliver exactly that solution what customer requires. In the meantime we always try to help and teach and train a customer, because they simply do not have in-depth knowledge of the modern technologies and applications. The result of this teamwork is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.



COMPETENCES of our team:

Interim Management

Reorganisation & Change management

Risk Management

Projekt Management

IT-Security and Common Criteria

Produkt Management

Test Management

Integration Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Quality Assurance

Production Control

Produkt Management



System Security

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Produktion Management

Company Operations and Concepts

Process Design

Planing & Delivery of Strategies

Logistics planning